Creation of an Internet site

StartUp 2.0, as one of the basic foundations for starting a successful online business, is an opportunity that is offered to all our business associates.

The team portal ( that we created for all collaborators was carefully created to meet all the rules of the profession. Responsive design, premium plugins combined with AI technology and proper presentation of products and business opportunities will allow you to start a new business more easily and distribute products through a fully automated website.

How to become our partner?

Before making your final decision to join our team and start building your global online business, you need to register on our portal and watch the video that will open to you after registration.

In the video attachment, the complete work system is presented and all individual construction steps for building a global internet business are explained. In the video attachment, you will find out all the answers to the questions that are probably going through your mind right now, and we will clarify all the ambiguities to make your final decision easier.

If you decide to become a member of our team, we will grant you full access to our trainings and systems, and arrange a Webinar with the compilation of your individual business plan. Our wide network of business partners is constantly expanding and we are currently looking for new, motivated and ambitious associates.

Why internet sales and StartUp 2.0?

The Internet is the best sales channel because of access and availability. Internet sales allow you to offer products to customers anywhere in the world without time or space restrictions.

StartUp 2.0 (portal) is available to all customers in the world who are looking for the products you offer. The search for the perfect dietary supplement or cosmetics that will suit you is most often done at night or in the morning, these are the periods when physical locations are not open.

Your online store is always open and available to customers for ordering and product information. You can see an example of what your automated web shop will look like here !

Automated creation of your web store in 2 clicks!

We are with you every step of the way

If you haven’t managed a website and an online store before, you don’t need to worry. In addition to a fully automated online store, you also get complete training. The educational platform is available 24/7 so you can access it whenever you need it.

To activate the complete system, it is enough to enter your data and our AI system, which will do everything else for you automatically. You can activate the complete system in two clicks. For all problems and doubts in business and access, we also have mentoring that will help you answer all questions and help activate your portal and web store.

Your mentor isStjepan Beloša and will personally help you set up everything you need to build your global internet business as much as you need help. Don’t wait, start your business today because it has never been easier to achieve complete dominance in the sale of reputable nutritional supplements online.

Trust and communication lead to success

Through constant communication between business associates and partners, we gain a secure relationship full of trust that enables business growth and development. Weekly Webinars allow us to present you with innovations in business, new products and new ways of marketing.

Through communication, we exchange experiences and successes. Through webinars, we want to introduce you to successful professionals and referral techniques. You will get all the links for webinars in our WhatsApp groups and educational platform, which you will get access to as soon as you become an associate of Forever Living Products and your sponsor is a person who is in our team!

Live healthy and believe in what you offer your potential users

In addition to recommending and promoting natural cosmetics and natural food supplements, we implement healthy habits in the daily life of us and our business associates.

We provide our business associates with additional income, free work tools such as StartUp, an educational platform and webinars, and constantly available mentoring, which will allow you more free time to rest and care for your loved ones.

Additional work to a better lifestyle

We will provide you with all the tools you need to work and teach you how to use them in the best possible way to achieve results that will satisfy you.

We will open the way for you to a new world of a healthier and simpler lifestyle with additional work from home that will allow you more freedom and improve your health.

Do you want to cooperate with us? Do you want to start an additional business that will allow you flexibility and short working hours?

Our main goal is healthy and happy business partners who are able to convey a new healthy lifestyle to potential customers.

Register for free on our educational platform and step into a new world of possibilities!

Become part of our team and upload your data to our portal. Build your global business!

24/7 access to the educational platform. Master the most effective business building techniques.

Weekly Live Webinars! Learn about products and business from the personal experience of our users.

Don’t make rookie mistakes! Start earning right from the start. We know how!