Forever Bee Propolis

Forever Bee Propolis is a natural support for the immune system, its composition is enhanced with the addition of royal jelly and contains 22 amino acids and B complex vitamins.

Forever Bee Propolis

Forever Bee Propolis is a protective substance that bees collect and use to keep their hive clean.

Forever Bee Propolis is collected in unpolluted areas. For additional cleanliness, specially designed collectors are used.

Forever Propolis is 100% natural with no added preservatives or artificial flavors.

When we think of bees, the first things that come to mind are honey and pollen. But there is another substance of great importance, PROPOLIS , which consists of a sticky resin secreted by trees.

Bees collect and metabolize propolis, and then coat their hives with it to protect them. It is so effective that the inside of a beehive is sometimes safer than most operating theaters.

The name propolis comes from the Greek word meaning “before the city” which means that propolis defends the entire community from external threats.

Propolis has a history of 5000 years, Asians and Greeks used it to preserve health. Forever Living Products used this incredible natural medicinal product in the world-famous propolis cream , and it is one of Forever’s best-selling products.

Bee Propolis contains 22 amino acids, B complex vitamins and is enhanced with the addition of royal jelly. It protects your body from external influences and existing inflammations in a completely natural way.

Forever Bee Propolis is collected in high desert areas, where there is no pollution. In order to further ensure its purity, patented collection containers are used to collect propolis. Forever Bee Propolis is 100% natural, without added preservatives or artificial colors.

It is also an excellent natural food supplement, rich in nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other trace elements.

Forever Propolis is a dietary supplement, not a substitute or substitute for a balanced diet.

With Forever Bee Propolis, users most often order:

Forever Royal Jelly – Natural royal jelly

Aloe Propolis Cream – Combination of Aloe Vera and natural propolis to remove inflammatory processes on the skin

Forever Bee Honey – Forever’s natural mountain honey

Aloe First – Aloe Vera spray with the addition of 11 medicinal plants and propolis

Forever Freedom – Aloe Vera with the addition of natural sulfur, intended for the regeneration of bones and joints

Product: Forever Bee Propolis

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