Ever Shield Deodorant

Ever Shield Deodorant is an innovative Forever deo stick that does not contain aluminum salts.

It neutralizes unpleasant odors in a completely natural way and cares for the sensitive parts of our skin.

It can be applied to the area after showering or depilation without causing irritation.

Ever Shield Deodorant

Ever Shield Deodorant provides you with effective all-day protection against unpleasant odors.

It can be applied immediately after showering or depilation, without burning sensation and skin irritation.

With the addition of stabilized Ale Vera Gel, Ever Shield Deodorant does not contain aluminum salts that stop sweating.

Ever Shield Deodorant neutralizes unpleasant odors and leaves no traces on clothes after application.

This stick deodorant contains stabilized Aloe vera gel and other ingredients that protect the sensitive parts of our skin.


Forever deo stick effectively prevents the formation of unpleasant odors from sweating.

It does not leave stains on clothes and does not irritate the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Propylene glycol, Aqua, Sodium Stearate, Aloe Vera, Parfum, Triclosan

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Apply the deodorant by gently rubbing under the armpits and you will feel fresh and clean all day.

With Ever Shield Deodorant, users most often order:

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Aloe Activator – 100% pure purified Aloe vera Gel – wide application method

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Three best-selling packages, monthly amounts of aloe vera with a 5% discount:

Product: Ever Shield Deodorant

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