Online lectures

Online lectures, meetings and webinars are an integral part of our business dynamics. In order to achieve optimal results, it is very important for us to be in constant contact with all our business associates.

The educational platform , learning and work materials are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that all our associates can access them at any time when they need them.

What is an online lecture?

The online lecture is a Zoom meeting where we meet with mentors and all business associates at the agreed time to create team dynamics. Online meetings allow us to hold a meeting with all business partners regardless of their location. The simplicity of the online meeting allows us to transfer information easily and quickly.

What are the topics of online lectures?

Health – in addition to natural preparations and cosmetics, we also promote a healthy lifestyle. First of all, you need to make a lifestyle change that will be supplemented with natural preparations. We want all our business associates to adopt healthy habits in order to be healthier, happier and more successful at work. We believe that it is necessary to fully understand and adopt what we offer and what we do.

Business – marketing, economy, web store, advertising and social networks. These are just some of the topics we cover with our guest lecturers on webinars. Also, these are frequent topics of our meetings where we comment on business moves to make it easier for associates with decisions, techniques and ways of working. Sharing knowledge and experience is the goal of our meetings.

News and information about products – products with a tradition of 40 years with millions of users who guarantee their quality more and more every day, we need to get to know each product and its advantages in order to present them to the customer in the right way. Colleagues and customers share experiences about the most popular products, and you can see personal experiences of users live.

User experiences – depending on the group on which the business partner focused, each associate has a different experience. Reviews and experiences are one of the most valuable tools you can use in presenting a product to new customers. Our online lectures. they are the ideal place where you can bring your users to learn about the experiences of other users of natural Forever products . Satisfied users and their testimonials give you the best tool for promoting the products you recommend.

Success experience and business cooperation – share your success with your colleagues. Tell them your given goal and together we will find the optimal solution with which you will achieve it. More experienced sellers and mentors will share with new business associates proven work techniques and methods to make it easier for them at the beginning of their business journey.

Online lectures educate and connect business associates

Not sure if selling and doing business online is for you? All our educational materials are adapted to all levels of knowledge, from IT knowledge, to sales techniques and advanced knowledge such as Leadership and team management, social networks and content creation. We adapted all the materials into simple step-by-step lessons so that all our potential collaborators could easily follow them.

Online Meetings
We hold all our meetings online to enable communication with all our business associates regardless of their location. It is very important that we create a network that will enable our colleagues to communicate with each other, exchange information and gain new experiences, and get to know different ways of working than the ones they apply.

Online lectures
We invest a lot of effort in the educational platform and webinars, we often invite guest lecturers from the fields of economics, marketing, health and other fields to share knowledge with our colleagues that will enable them to upgrade their skills. Any new information about the natural products we offer, new advertising methods or new sales techniques are valuable.

Would you like to become our new associate?

Our business is not just online sales. We offer all our potential collaborators a change of lifestyle. We provide you with world-famous high-quality Forever products and provide you with free tools for learning and working. You will not only receive marketing training and products that you must recommend (sell) to customers. We offer you a healthier way of life with a job that allows you flexibility, knowledge, growth and new skills with the constant presence of mentors and other associates.

Register for free on our education and marketing platform and we will introduce you to our work methods and Forever Living products .

If you are looking for a job where you are not left to your own devices, a job where you can learn and progress and transform your own life, you are in the right place.

An educational platform, proven work techniques, free tools for starting a business and meetings with mentoring will allow you to start your business in the right way.

I look forward to working together and hope to see you online soon!

With respectStjepan Beloša !

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