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New Forever business card! In today’s fast-paced and competitive business world, it is necessary to use the latest technologies in order to achieve success. In order to provide you with the best possible support, we present the revolutionary TeamExtreme Pro Business Card.

This innovative card uses NFC and state-of-the-art AI technology to make it easier for you to build your Forever business, increase sales and improve your business results.

In this article, you will discover all the advantages of this card and how it can encourage new people to join your team and build their own Forever business using AI education.

What is the TeamExtreme Pro Business card?

The TeamExtreme Pro Forever Business card is an innovative NFC card that combines NFC (Near Field Communication) and AI (artificial intelligence) technology. The card is designed to make it easier for you to build your Forever business and automate the sponsoring and global recommendation (sale) of Forever products, through your referral.

Advantages of the TeamExtreme Pro Business card

Personalized links to Forever Web Shop and TeamExtreme Pro portal

When someone scans your TeamExtreme Pro Business card, your personalized AI link to the Forever Web Shop global product shopping (for the target country the person is in) and your personalized link to the TeamExtreme Pro portal will automatically open. This allows you to easily and quickly share your business information with potential clients and customers, which increases your sales and expands your network of contacts and customers in an unprecedented way.

AI form for registration and Follow Up system

The TeamExtreme Pro Business card contains a special AI registration form, which automatically starts the Follow Up system. When a new person fills out the form via the uploaded link of your Business card, you will find the entered data in your StartUp 2.0 platform. For the new person, a smart Follow Up email system will be automatically launched that will offer Forever products with your shopping link in the country where the person is located. This allows you to automate your sales, customer care and increase your revenue without any extra effort.

Language and currency customization for different countries

The AI technology on our platform will detect the country of the person scanning your Business card and automatically open the Team Extreme Pro portal in that language, integrating your Forever Living Products referral link, turning your data and the Team Extreme Pro portal into YOUR portal. This will allow a new user to register and shop in your team immediately, regardless of their location. This function allows you to easily adapt your business to different markets, regardless of language barriers and expand your reach globally.

Ease of use and universal compatibility

The TeamExtreme Pro Business card is extremely easy to use and is compatible with all modern smartphones. All the user has to do is touch the card to their mobile phone and the links will open automatically. This means you don’t have to worry about compatibility with different devices or the need for additional apps.

How the TeamExtreme Pro Forever Business card helps build a Forever business

It facilitates the creation of contacts and the expansion of the network

Using the TeamExtreme Pro Business card simplifies the process of creating contacts with potential clients and partners. Instead of manually sharing your contacts, you can simply use a tab to automatically share ALL the information you need. This allows you to expand your network and increase sales faster, regardless of your previous experience.

It automates the sales process

Through the AI registration form and the Automated Follow Up system, the TeamExtreme Pro Business card automates your product sales process, sponsors and guides your new associates through the most advanced technology of our educational platform, which allows you to devote yourself to increasing your knowledge and skills through our educations, while the system guides your associates. In this way, you achieve maximum duplication, regardless of the number of people in your team.

It enhances your professionalism and image

Using the TeamExtreme Pro Business Card shows your potential customers and partners that you are serious about your business and that you use the latest technologies to improve your business. This improves your professional image and increases the likelihood that others will choose you as a business partner, because you have a fully automated business building system that they can apply as part of your team.


The TeamExtreme Pro Business card offers numerous advantages that can improve your Forever business and help you achieve your goals. Through innovation in NFC and AI technologies, this card makes it easier to build your business, expand your network of contacts, and automate sales and recruitment. If you want to take advantage of all the advantages offered by the TeamExtreme Pro Business card and the most modern AI technology, join our team and start training for building your Forever business for free.

Become a member of our team and take advantage of this unique opportunity to improve your business.

As a member of the TeamExtreme Pro team, you will have access to our Ai education platform, which provides you with the tools and resources you need to successfully run your business. With the support of the entire team and the advantages of the TeamExtreme Pro Business card, your Forever business will reach incredible results and a completely new dimension of internet business.

Join our team, activate the StartUp 2.0 training and you will receive your free TeamExtreme Pro Business card. Be part of the revolution in building a Forever business and achieve success with us.

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