Individual approach of Stjepan Beloš

We practice an individual approach from your initial first webinar or meeting. We look for the best business plan for each of our business associates depending on the area of interest, focus and existing skills.

This is extremely important in order to lay a strong foundation on which to build further business success in the shortest possible period of time. A mentor, support groups, educational platform and personal trainer are available to each of the business associates, from the beginning of your work to the achievement of the final agreed goal (success).

Booking a meeting

After registration on our Educational Platform (portal), our business partner will contact youStjepan Beloša and explain to you all the details about possible forms of cooperation.

They will send you a link to access our next webinar, where you will get to know all the possibilities provided by our team.

Your first webinar will be held by me personally (Stjepan Beloša), you will get to know our complete system for education and all work systems. You will see the possibilities of progress, earning and building your business on different (proven) work models.

If you find yourself in one of the work models, you will receive an invitation to 2 webinars (individual) where we will personally create an individual plan for you personally and for building your online or offline business.

In the second webinar, I will personally answer all your questions and concerns. Immediately in the initial conversation, we will assess the common goals that will be the basis for our successful business cooperation.

When you decide to join our team and take advantage of this business opportunity, you become part of the team, you get your individual role and access to all work and educational materials.

You can start building your business from home with your current responsibilities or devote yourself to this project on an All In principle. It’s up to you to decide, but we’ll talk more about those details in our second webinar.

Creating a business plan

If you are interested in cooperation after the initial meeting, we will start working on creating an individual business plan for you. Each business associate has a different business plan depending on interests (desires) and existing skills.

Our job is to help you build leadership abilities and skills and establish your business on a stable foundation.

You can expect the results of joint work, as well as income, already in the first week of our joint cooperation.

Education and mentoring

An individual approach is key in a mentoring relationship. The relationship between mentor and co-worker is based on trust. Once we gain trust, we can look at the facts completely realistically and become aware of the possibilities. By using the educational platform and proven work methods with personal mentoring, your results will be visible already in the first week of our joint cooperation.

business trip

Your business journey is our most important step for starting business cooperation. It is important that you understand the work system and at the very beginning get to know all the steps that we have to master, because if you understand why we do something, then you get the necessary motivation and see the final goal.

We reach the goal very quickly, but it is important that you understand the whole process. Thanks to the individual approach and my personal help, your business journey will be simpler, you will go through already ¨trodden¨ paths, because I personally have 15 managers in the front line with whom I went through that journey.

I cannot guarantee you enrollment in my first line, until you pass both webinars! If we find that we have common interests, it will be my pleasure to help you achieve incredible results in this branch of the industry.

If we do not personally find common interests, I will personally connect you with my TOP leaders in the team and you will also get access to all content and materials. The entire team will help you build your business path, and you will have all the necessary help and support.

An individual approach is the key to the success of our entire team!

The individual approach is not only based on the creation of a business plan, we build a different relationship with our customers and colleagues as well. We have set new standards in education and sales, top service and satisfied customers are our obsession. With new technologies and high support standards, we are building a network of satisfied customers and associates in more than 74 countries around the world.

Interaction between mentor, co-worker and potential client

Through personal mentoring and online education , you will learn to recognize needs and offer the most adequate solutions to your customers and colleagues. You will learn to listen and recognize the wishes and goals of your interlocutors (potential clients).

You will begin to recognize needs and master the skills of efficient planning.

Thanks to our StartUp 2.0 system , which you can access after becoming a member of our team, you will be able to share new opportunities, training and your web store with the whole world, exactly as it is offered to you.

You will interest people you currently don’t even know exist! Thanks to the high-quality products of Forever Living Products , you will help people who need it, and with the help of our education and personal mentor, you will build past work and security for yourself and your family.

Thanks to our (your) system, you will provide your customers and colleagues with a new approach and opportunities that they have not seen before. We have achieved something magnificent, we have set new standards and we are proud to be different and have no competition.

If you want to achieve something different, you are ready to be a student who will become a teacher and inspire others with your example, I will be very happy to contact you and discuss possible joint plans!

To simplify, register on our educational platform and I will personally contact you at the first free time, and send you the link for the first informative webinar!

With respectStjepan Beloša , talk to you soon!

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