Aloe Bright Toothgel

Forever Bright toothpaste without flour!

Forever Living is based on the use of the Aloe vera plant in the production of cosmetic products.

Forever Bright toothpaste has a special formulation containing the active ingredients of Aloe Vera and natural bee propolis.

Over 10 million satisfied users use Forever Living natural toothpaste every month.

Ingredients of Forever Bright toothpaste:

Aloe vera – Aloe vera gel is a high-quality natural active ingredient that was developed under strict conditions to retain its natural properties.

Bee propolis – a natural active substance produced by bees that has a wide range of powerful effects on human health.

Toothpaste Forever Bright: effects

Effects of Aloe Vera:

Antibacterial effect – the strong antibacterial effect of the Aloe vera plant will reduce the amount of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Bacteria participate in the formation of plaque on the teeth.

Anti-inflammatory effect – the strong anti-inflammatory effect of the Aloe vera gel plant will act on inflammation of the gums in children and adults and speed up the healing and recovery process.

Healing – wounds in the oral cavity can occur due to mechanical injury, inflammation or surgery, Aloe vera will help in proper healing, which will take much less time due to its natural properties.

Prevention of tooth and gum disease – tooth and gum disease are most often caused by improper hygiene maintenance, which causes the formation of large amounts of bacteria and unbalanced pH in the oral cavity.

Using aloe vera toothpaste will prevent the occurrence of tooth and gum diseases and will make them more resistant to the occurrence of diseases, inflammatory conditions and the formation of plaque.

Effects of bee propolis:

Caries prevention – bacteria in the oral cavity are the main culprit for the appearance of caries, propolis destroys bacteria.

It prevents the breakdown of sugar – the breakdown of sugar creates substances that destroy tooth enamel, propolis disrupts the function of enzymes in bacteria that break down sugars.

Prevention and treatment of gum disease – bacteria create colonies on the gums, which leads to receding gums and inflammatory processes.

Propolis will stop the infection of the gums with its anti-inflammatory effect and prevent permanent damage to the gums.

Tooth sensitivity – enamel protects teeth from hypersensitivity, propolis will reduce tooth sensitivity.

Receding gums – using propolis will stimulate the formation of new tooth tissue and reduce the effects of periodontitis.

Benefits of using Forever Bright toothpaste

Forever Bright toothpasteCompletely natural paste for the whole family
Due to the active natural ingredients that are the main ingredients of this paste, it can be used by both adults and children.

The effects of Aloe vera and bee propolis are beneficial for all ages.

Forever Bright toothpaste will strengthen the teeth of adults and prevent the occurrence of dental diseases.

While it will protect children’s teeth from the formation of tartar and caries by destroying bacteria and preventing the breakdown of sugar.

Oral hygiene in adults

Smoking, caffeine and alcohol significantly affect dental health. If your teeth are no longer as bright as they used to be, they have changed color or become too sensitive, change your toothpaste.

The natural ingredients of this toothpaste will help you achieve optimal oral health and keep your teeth healthy. Tooth enamel weakens with age, by using aloe and propolis paste you can strengthen the existing enamel and repair small irregularities on the teeth, which will strengthen them.

Periodontitis and other diseases of the teeth and gums are an unpleasant phenomenon that can appear in the midst of stress, decreased immunity or as a result of health conditions. Propolis and Aloe will balance the pH in the mouth and improve the health condition.

Oral hygiene in children

toothpaste for children without flourPaste made from natural ingredients is ideal for children. It does not contain fluoride in its composition, so you do not have to worry if children accidentally swallow it.

Children need time to learn to brush their teeth properly, also, not to always brush their teeth and skip the evening brush.

Natural aloe vera toothpaste, by disabling enzymes that break down sugars, will help protect teeth even when one wash is skipped.

It will not allow the sugars to break down and the bacteria will not have enough food to form tartar on the teeth.

Children’s oral cavity is susceptible to the formation of inflammatory processes of the gums and painful aphthae, using a toothpaste that contains propolis in its composition, the aphthae will quickly disappear and the oral cavity will be more resistant and the frequency of occurrence will decrease with regular brushing of the teeth with this paste.

Order Forever Bright toothpaste today!

Natural Aloe vera toothpaste!

Tube: 130g
Daily application two to three times a day
Simple tube packaging for easy application

Intended for all ages
Suitable for use by children and adults
Does not contain fluoride
Natural peppermint aroma

Along with Forever Bright toothpaste, users most often order: Forever Aloe Vera First for natural care of sensitive parts of the body and Propolis Cream for inflammatory processes on the mucous membrane.

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