Aloe Vera Gelly

Aloe vera Gelly is a natural gel made from Aloe vera from strictly controlled Forever Living aloe fields.

All Forever Living Aloe products have the IASC (International Aloe Science Council) certificate as proof of quality. Each aloe leaf is hand-picked and filleted to maintain quality.

Aloe Vera Gel has been processed by advanced processes that have enabled the complete purity of the natural substance of the plant and the texture and appearance of the gel, which is completely equal to the natural gel in the leaf. Thick transparent Aloe gel is suitable for all skin types.

What does Aloe vera gel contain?

Aloe vera gel contains three simple elements in its composition, which make it extremely effective for wide application on skin and hair. Aloe vera pulp contains antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamin A and C and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Aloe Barbadensis leaf pulp – there are over 400 different types of Aloe in the world, it is this one that we use to make cosmetics and food supplements to offer you the best of nature with high efficiency and medicinal properties.

Glycerin – a natural compound obtained from vegetable oil or fats. It provides deep hydration, reduces the feeling of dryness and regenerates the skin surface.

Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that prevents and reduces the effect of UV radiation on the skin, also protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly is a carefully made cosmetic preparation. With the gel, the possibility of high-quality storage of Aloe vera pulp has been achieved with several additives.

The natural active ingredients that were added to the natural Aloe gel improved its durability. As well as the possibility of applying it to the skin and balancing its effects. With the addition of water, allantoin, ascorbic acid, diazolidinil, methylparaben and disodium EDTA, the original quality and properties of the gel are preserved.

This completely natural cosmetic preparation is suitable for all skin types and for all ages. Depending on your needs, it is suitable for vegetarians, suitable for vegans and does not contain gluten in its composition.

How to apply the gel?

Aloe gel can be used to make hair masks, conditioners, shampoos, night face masks, body creams, peeling mixtures with the addition of your favorite essential oils, citrus or coarsely ground coffee.

Aloe Vera Gelly for inflammatory conditions and skin processes

Aloe Vera Gelly green creamSevere inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis cause redness, pain and itching.

They are often covered up with make-up and various preparations that cover skin imperfections but actually worsen their condition.

Acne, pimples and other skin irregularities are also caused by inflammation and impurity of the skin.

Tip: clean your face completely of make-up and creams, wash your face and wipe with a towel.

After the face has been completely cleaned, apply the Aloe vera gel to the problem area or to the entire face, depending on the condition of the skin, and let it be completely absorbed.

Do not wipe off the rest of the gel from your face if you are not going to leave the house, but let it work on the skin.


Apply the gel twice a day to the skin, the results of the beneficial effects of the Aloe gel will quickly be seen on the skin.

The result : healthy skin without inflammatory processes and no signs of disease. In addition to healthy skin, it will be deeply hydrated and tightened, and it will be easier to apply makeup on such skin.

Aloe Vera gel as a nighttime moisturizing anti-aging mask

aloe vera gelly anti ageThe skin is the largest organ on the human body and the signs of fatigue and stress are most quickly manifested on the skin.

External influences such as the sun, rain, high and low temperatures, smog, cigarette smoke, all of this is reflected on the skin. Therefore, special care is needed to keep the skin in the best possible condition and resistant to external conditions.

Tip: As long as you are not using the Smoothing Exofoliator Facial Peeling, every night before going to bed, clean your skin, do a peeling and a massage. After that, liberally apply Aloe vera gel on the face, neck and décolleté. The gel is not greasy, it will not leave marks on clothes and bedding.

Due to its natural composition, Aloe will deeply hydrate the skin through all its layers overnight. Redness and irregularities on the skin and the appearance of pimples will completely disappear. Deeply hydrated skin is shiny and resistant to signs of aging.

The result: shiny skin without signs of fatigue, without irregularities and redness, ready to apply makeup without the need to use powder and similar makeup bases.

Order Aloe Vera Gelly today!

Natural gel for hydration and care of the whole body and hair!

Tube: 118 ml
Daily application as needed
Simple tube packaging for easy application

Intended for all ages
Suitable for use on the body and face.

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